i am grateful - really i am!

i am very grateful for this air conditioner.
~it is unbelievably loud and obnoxious.
~it is so loud i have to turn it off every 20 minutes or so because i feel like my head is going to explode.
~it is so loud that breaking out into a sweat within 15 minutes of turning it off is worth the peace and quiet i get from not having the a/c on.
~it is so loud that i have to turn the speakers on my computer up to 100% just to hear it.
~it is so loud that when the phone rings i have to quickly turn down the computer speakers just to hear the person on the phone.
~it is so loud that when i turn down the speakers to hear the person on the phone i find myself yelling because my ears are still ringing from the loud speakers and loud a/c.
~i am very grateful that i only work 2 days a week and this a/c is at work.

about 15 years ago i sold real estate for a year. i remember one hot summer day i was taking a mother and her child to see a few houses in a not so desirable, low-income neighborhood. we were driving around and i found myself apologizing for the mess inside my car. she looked at me and told me she could care less about how my car looked inside because she has never owned a car that had air conditioning and driving around in one that had a/c was heaven.
with this being the hottest summer in recorded history for our area - i think about that woman everytime i start to complain. i wonder if she ever bought a car with air conditioner...or is she ever had a house with a/c for that matter.
but mostly i think - if that woman had a choice for no a/c or very loud a/c - would she laugh at this post.........or roll her eyes at me for being so spoiled?

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