St Anthony, St Anthony.........

please come around
something is lost
and can't be found!

i may not be a catholic girl anymore but when i can't find something i still turn to st. anthony

ever since i was a little girl he was the "go to" guy for when i lost something....and today is no exception.  i've been saying that little prayer over and over.  but he appears to be busy today so i may have to try again later.

 lately i am losing a bunch of stuff.  like my camera cord for one.  that is still mia and it is completely wigging me out...esp since i have a camera full of beautiful pics from arizona. who knew there were so many different types of catcus? and agave plants? and yucca?? and how quickly i'd learn their names?

the house is still in shambles from the water damage and my son's birthday party and our week away.  some of the stuff i can put away - some i really can't yet b/c the insurance guy needs to come out - and within those piles of stuff scattered around my house - i'm assuming - is my camera cord........

but i am back after a long week away and slowly i am getting my act - and my house - back together!

on a side note - i have some cool projects in the works and i can't wait to share! for one thing  i've been asked to make banners for Pentacost Sunday which both excites and frightens me! and lately i've discovered - air plants, tea towels and spray paint.....good stuff to come!!

now off to say my prayer again............

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  1. oooo! you will have some finishes to share with us soon! what fun!

    i hope you find what you need and get some order to your chaos today! have some random chaos in my house, too. we'll see what comes of it today . . .

    wishing you sunshine!