good food ahead

i was very fortunate to have an organic farm right down the street from me but unfortunately last year was their last year being open year round.  luckily they were able to open this year for strawberry season.  pick your own starts hopefully next weekend.  while the boys enjoyed picking last year - they informed me that i can go by myself this year and that would be ok with them. 

that's not a bad idea....since my goal is to pick alot more than last year...........

another favorite for me is asparagus.........fresh harvested - not cooked (although roasted is divine) - light green stalks of heaven.  i refuse to buy asparagus in any month other than may - why bother?  once you eat truly fresh asparagus i can't imagine insulting my palate with anything else...and rarely do i make it out of the market with a full bunch...absentmindedly eating stalk after raw stalk as i browse the market.

its CSA time.  i didn't join one for the past couple of years because of the organic market down the road from my house - but since it is closed this year i decided to join one again. even though i have a garden its nice to get different produce from what i grow myself -- which i have to admit was a pretty pathetic bounty last year.

and finally fruit - lots of fruit - all kinds of fruit - juicy fruit - flavorful fruit!!!......no need to explain further....

what a great time of the year.....i feel so blessed to have all this around me. 

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  1. We've had a bumper crop of strawberries this year. We've been eating and making jam and having a great time. Enjoy your picking!