my favorite corner.......

we have a decent sized sunroom on the back of our house.  its not tiny but its not too big either.  it is the perfect place to hang out in the spring and fall months b/c the breezes that come through are just heavenly.  we put a little tv in there for my husband who loves to have his breakfast in there.  mostly i'd come in and read while he was watching tv...but i really wanted a place to set up my computer.  i sat there last year but it wasn't very personal to me.  i was determined to change that this year.

(that pic just doesn't do it justice)

i bought a hanging lamp at ikea about a year ago and finally decided to put it up yesterday.  that table held a fountain that we didn't use b/c we couldn't really see it) so i moved that to a different section of the room so we can really enjoy it and i pushed the little bistro table right up against the corner.  the only thing the space still needs now is some cute little pics hanging on the wall directly in front of me.  finally i added some plants and it is now my favorite place to sit and write. 

 i have such beautiful views of my backyard from that spot...

but my favorite is the view of my veggie garden directly below me.  sometimes i feel like i can actually hear the veggies growing.....

in the early mornings i grab my tea and sit there to read my daily blogs and answer my emails.  the sun comes in from the garden window and the morning breeze is just perfect.  (if the boys are still asleep when i slip down then its pure heaven!!)  it was at that spot that i started reading all your blogs and decided to take the leap myself.   its the most perfect corner in this home.

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