dec 9 - this date...2 years ago!!

i had planned to compare what i did last year on this date to what i am doing today.  turns out I didn't have a blog post for this date.   i was doing...nothing.  well, actually i was doing a lot but i can bet you anything it had nothing to do with Christmas......or preparing for Christmas. 

i had started working full time last fall and i was overwhelmed....very overwhelmed.  decorating for Christmas was the furthest from my mind.  blogging even further.
so i had to go back 2 years to see how exactly i was preparing for the holidays.  i was making christmas crackers.  not crackers the food - but the kind you pull apart - and if you are lucky enough - hard enough to hear the "POP" that occurs right before the litte treats that are inside come flying out.  come to think of it - i'm not even sure we made them at all last year b/c i had simply run out of time - or energy - but most likely both. 

but that was then - and this now.  i plan to make them this year.  i do hope to make them this year.  only time will tell.

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  1. Still baffled by this concept- you'll have to send me one!!