dec 23. right now


::  sitting at a cluttered kitchen table planning the next 24 hours. gift wrap reminds me of the presents i still need to buy

::  deciding what to prepare for tomorrow's brunch - do i cook the same things i've been making every year? the food i can prepare while on autopilot? or try something new? something i'll have to think about, slow down for

::  drinking coffee that lately has been upsetting my stomach - and knowing its time to switch to tea for awhile

soft and fuzzy

::  remembering that the reason the table is cluttered is because i spent the night gift wrapping with my son - who declared many times how much fun he was having

::  admitting that a stress-less morning with time to enjoy and focus on family is much better than trying to figure out how to make stratta for the first time

::   anticipating the excitement the next 24 hours will bring

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