dec 18 - anniversary

recently i went out with some high school friends.  our last stop of the evening was to a local brew pub.  there we met a very high energy waitress. in between yawns and droopy eyes we asked our waitress how she had so much energy at that hour of the night.  she told us that she usually gets her second wind around this time.  at 2am she goes home and meets up with her boyfriend - who bar tends - and because they are so wound up they stay up until 4am just eating and laughing and playing until they finally crash.  then around noon they wake up and start their day.

when she finished telling us her story i sat there quietly
i found myself envious of her youth
longing for her freedom

do i want to be 21 again?
not really

i like where i am right now.....married 18 years today - two kids - in my 40s

but doesn't it sound like fun to come home at 2am?
full of energy?
not planning further than eating the bag of Cheetos in front of you?

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  1. Ah, yes!! Fun, carefree days! Wouldn't trade what I have now for it, but that does sound wonderful. Let's do it in our 50s. :)