can't put it off much longer

i've been away for so long that i'm afraid that if i wait another day - it will magically turn into 2 days - then 2 weeks then 2 months......

i really haven't wrapped my mind around what i want to say about where i've been or what i've been up to...

i don't have months worth of pictures lying around either. having a camera that i don't understand has bummed me out (i finally emailed sony and told them that not including a manual was just plain wrong and i had no intention of spending hours reading it online - or dragging my computer around to take pictures or printing out 200 pages myself............so they are sending me one. we'll see how long that takes....)

so in the meantime i'll just show a quick summary of recent events.......

science fair exhibits
(this year he made quicksand)

planning a medieval party
 (complete with scrolled invites and i'm thinking a too ambitious to-do list for the party)

indoor egg hunt
(in which one egg is still left unfound somewhere in this house)

just playing with the camera (like letting it decide what should be in focus
 and seeing how sharp the picture is)

deciding to take pictures of not so pretty things in my yard
(to balance out the pictures of oh so pretty things in my yard still to come!)

so there it is - my first post in a long time.  maybe not too exciting - but at least a step in the right direction........

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