happy surprises - a rainbow and a fern...........

while watering i made a rainbow...........can you see it?
it was so hard to capture just how beautiful it was

i love ferns - ever since hiking in olympic national park about 15 years ago.....
we have maidenhair fern everywhere here - but they get lost in the brush in our woods
i wanted something different in my garden
this one is a japanese painted fern - and it is taking forever to grow
every year i patiently wait

i thought i killed all three of these ferns last year
actually i thought the sun killed them
i had them under a tree - but not a shady enough one
they are giant ferns - and of course their name escapes me now!
i was so excited when i saw this one alive and well the other day

and today - i found the other 2

every day i find a new surprise in the garden
spring is such a magical time


  1. Who wouldn't love a rainbow and ferns? Yours are lovely. Great photos.

  2. Are those little fiddlehead ferns? I always love seeing pictures of those being used for food, but I never see them in our local markets.