N is for.......


no pictures to post

no thoughtful words of wisdom to post

no sun outside to make the day brighter....

actually its not a horrible day - its a nice rainy day
which we need for our newly sown seeds and newly planted shrubs
perfect day to putz around the house - cleaning a bit here and organizing a bit there..
but unfortunately i'm at a birthday party
instead of at home
on my son's mini - which is kinda cool - except that i look like one of "those" moms.....
the ones attached to their computer - tuned into the web instead of to their kid
which i admit - i am at times...but not in public - for all to witness! LOL
but as i look around - there are others reading,
or talking on the phone
or talking to others...
something i find i don't feel like doing as i get older - the making small talk with other moms at parties kinda thing....i mean i did all that with my first child - i talked - i organized playgroups - i wanted to make new mom friends...but i'm kinda burnt out on the 2nd group of moms - the ones of my youngest's friends - not needing a whole new group to hang with.  don't get me wrong - i've met new moms - and even like a bunch of them - but i dont feel like making the effort as much as i did before...b/c quite frankly it takes effort to be a friend...and while i really enjoy smiling and being friendly - and i am sincere in my smiles and my friendliness - i am perfectly content at stopping right there. 

so for now
i sit at the party
looking like a recluse
on my computer
ignoring everyone

and i'm okay with that......

(edited to add that here it is - 3 hours after the party - and i ended up talking with other parents...well a dad - someone i went to highschool with - and a mom...who i thought was ANOTHER mom - and told her my son WAS going to her son's party next weekend.............only to find that her son is not having a party next weekend - b/c she is not the mom i thought she was.........

see - maybe its a good thing i don't feel like talking at these things.......

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