that is if you made a treasure map this weekend!  i will admit i haven't started yet.  the aries new moon started wednesday the 14th...the day before my trip.  i did manage to sneak out and get my magazines but i did not get a chance to open them until thursday while flying on a plane to arizona.  i had every intention of focusing on pictures and writing affirmations and planning my map.....but turns out i don't have a huge attention span during pockets of moderate turbulence.  in fact - the only thing i could concentrate on while being bounced around the sky was lady gaga and beyonce blaring in my head through my ipod! once we landed went straight to the hotel - grabbed a bite to eat and hit the bed b/c it was now past midnight my time.  next day we were picked up early - spent the whole day in meetings - then back to the hotel to get ready to leave the next morning at 7am.......crazy exciting times! 

the optimal time to have finished my map would have been saturday nite.  that is when the energy is the strongest (during the new moon) - but it just wasn't happening.  luckily - you can take 10 more days to finish it (until the 28th)......so i am doing just that. (so if you are toying with the idea of making one you still have time!)

i can't wait to see how it turns out!  i have some very specific wishes for this year!!

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