a taste of spring

we've had weather in the upper 50s this weekend and its been wonderful! the boys have been desperate to play on some playground equipment (their school one is still too snowy) and my husband and i have been desperate to get the bikes out. so yesterday we had the opportunity to do both.

we had to forgo our usual gravel trail and find a paved one instead. it was nice because it gave my youngest more practice with his 2 wheeler - but parts of the path were too snowy to pass so we ended up doing the same loop over and over.

it felt good to stretch our legs and move our bodies.  after a couple of hours it was time to leave.  we were hungry and the park was getting crowded - filled with people of all ages desperate to get outside too.
except for some expected rain - the rest of this week is supposed to be just as nice.  it feels so good to feel spring.

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  1. Us too. Wasn't it great to get outside. I feel myself coming back to life. It's been just wonderful. Enjoy!