at a loss....

for words that is....
its been 4 days since my last post and i had to force myself to write something today.  i know the best way to get past a writer's block is to just start writing....but i am so uninspired lately!  i haven't pulled my camera out either.  some weeks i have a hard time deciding what to write about because there are so many thoughts running through my head.......not lately.

its raining here today. i'm not minding it so much because i am at work.  this past weekend was absolutely beautiful.  spent a lot of time outdoors doing yardwork.  it felt so good to feel the sun on my skin - to walk barefoot in the grass - to crumble the soil in my hands.  this weekend i was inspired - to paint a patio chair, to widen flowerbeds - to prepare the veggie garden for planting....but not to write.

oh well

how do you get past these roadblocks?


  1. Your creative energy is somewhere else right now- I understand because I feel like I am there too (although I'm not creating anywhere else!!). Inspiration will come back, just wait. :)

  2. you just have to jump in! I feel the same way all the time. I also feel like my voice is too predictable and boring. It's a really nice challenge. Good luck! :) Kyndale