a post with no pictures.............or what would i grab in a fire

my youngest dropped my laptop and i can't get it to load windows.  i could just ship it off to get fixed but i'm having a really hard time paying the $49 especially since all i need to do is a complete system restore - which is easy enough.  where i am having problems is backing up my pictures onto a memory stick - its not working - and techy i am definitely NOT..........not to bore you anymore but i hope to get it sorted soon......

so what does this have to do with a fire?  well - nothing really...but it sorta does.  i think many people have thought about what they would grab in the case of a fire.  i've thought about it - and never really came up with a solid answer - probably b/c my mind just wouldn't go there - envisioning a fire in my home.  why do i want to put that thought out there in the universe! right?? 

even though i like taking pics (and since starting my blog i REALLY like taking pictures) i do nothing with them.  before digital - i would get the photos developed and stick them in frames.  since digital - they sit in my laptop.  we even bought a printer so i could print them out and still i didn't.  it wasn't until very recently that i i just recently started making photobooks....and i even did test out the printer and filled some frames.  but on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 having photobooks and framed pics all over the house - i am about a 2. 

so back to my laptop.  being online only once a day for Lent has really loosened the hold of "computer time suck" on me...so the fact that my laptop doesn't work doesn't really bother me. (ok - it helps that i have a computer at work and another one at home to use - but forget that for a minute.)  in the past if there was something wrong with my computer i would spend hours with a tech trying to fix it.  i did spend some time with one this time around too - but when it got to the point where i had to do a system restore - i couldn't do it.

i can lose everything else - music, docs, favorites.............but i just can't lose these pictures.

and the kicker is there really aren't that many on there!  but the ones that are there i really really want to keep!  my son's boy scout events, pics of both boys playing basketball, birthday parties............


i am trying to make peace with the fact that i may in fact have to lose them if i can't figure out how to back them  up onto another computer......but i am pretty bummed about it.

but as any good lesson is learned AFTER the fact - you can believe i'll be backing pics up regularly and definitely onto snapfish........and check my smoke detectors too....


  1. I hear ya. I could not live without my photos either. I'm thinking of you and your back up issues. It will get sorted out. I know it will. Hang in there. Take Care

  2. Perhaps you posted this already but alas I am not on here enough to really know:) Are you still coordinating the Spring swap? I emailed you but had not heard anything else. Please let me know. Thanks!

  3. forcing myself into computer breaks or having time offline on accident really does make me re-think returning to blogging. then i always get sucked back in!