our daily walk - a new favorite

for the past 8 years i've driven my boys back and forth to school.  neither one of them wanted to take the bus so we didn't force them.  this year however - that all changed.  our oldest son started a new school with an earlier start time so driving him to school was just not something i wanted to do.  since the oldest was now taking the bus - our youngest son wanted to as well.

the picture above shows half our driveway.  the other half winds to the right before winding back towards the street.  its a nice long walk...and since we've had crisp, cool mornings since the first day of school - its been a beautiful walk.

our oldest only has one trip up in the morning and back down in the afternoon

our youngest makes the trip twice in the morning because he likes to see his older brother get on the bus.  even our dog makes the trip with us - which is no small feat for our 15 year old yorkie-poo!  most kids don't want their parents hanging out with them at the bus stop.  our oldest doesn't mind - and that is nice. 

then in the afternoon my husband and i make the walk back down to greet them - and together we walk back home....and in those 5 minutes we talk - about school, about the bus, about girls.

soon the weather will change. 
 it won't be so nice to make the long walk to the bus stop.  it will rain.  it will snow.  it will be freezing cold. 

so until then we'll enjoy what we have.  our 5 minutes together as a family - no tv, no video games..just our quiet daily walk.

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