a quick stop in sedona

my husband and i were lucky enough to have some free time at the end our trip so we rented a car and made the trek to sedona to see the red rocks and visit a vortex site.  since our day trip was really much shorter than a day - we first went to the airport vortex trail for a quick hike.  we were both hoping for some of the energy to enter us and our lives.

the views were spectacular.  the power of the vortex is supposed to be so strong that it twists the branches of juniper trees.  we found one of the trees in the picture above.

  you can see other signs of the power of all that energy along the trail.

the terrain of the trail was easy enough but i was on edge most of the time b/c i was wearing flip flops and white pants....not planning ahead before we left.  being uneasy the whole time did take away from the experience for me and that bummed me out a bit.  when will i get to this spot again in my lifetime?  but i tried to soak in as much as possible anyway.

along the trail you can spot stacking rocks - or medicine wheels generally left after meditation

i really enjoyed looking for them

and i even made my own as a thank you to such a spiritual place

on our way out of town we stopped at the chapel of the holy cross - a church built right into the rocks

how can you not feel spiritual with a view like that behind the altar

sedona was the perfect place for a thelma and louise moment....

well thats if we were getting ready to plunge over a cliff
holding hands
and if louise was a dude...

oh well - it was a great day
even without the movie star ending


  1. Haha! Great to finally see the pictures!

  2. Wow - some breathtaking photos - thanks for sharing these beauties! Great to have you on board with the Healthy Revelation Giveaway and Challenge (www.patty-jeansthilaire.com)