one farm is good - but two are better............

i am extremely lucky to live in a area full of not only farms - but organic farms - right in my neighborhood.  if you want to be part of a csa - there are many from which to choose.  i chose this one again this year.  i was part of this particular csa years ago but stopped once an organic farm opened up a mile down my street...but that farm has since closed its market - so back to this one it is.  it is about a 30 minute drive from my house. 

while i do have a small veggie garden at home i wanted to join a csa to get the items i normally wouldn't grow at home - like kholrabi - and garlic scapes - both of which are delicious.

the farm itself is beautiful and in a very scenic area - making the drive very peaceful and meditative...even with the boys in the back seat......

there is something soothing about walking around a working farm
watching the animals
hearing the sounds of the tractor
seeing the tools ready to be grabbed and used

the pick up shed is right by the parking area.  besides the produce found inside the shed, there are pick your own produce/flowers and herbs available too.

this year i split a 1/2 share with a friend.  while the bounty is small
the feeling i get from pick up day is huge

remember the organic farm i mentioned? the one a mile away? well even though it is closed year round - they open for strawberry season....and to sell their own organic asparagus which is the most unbelieveable asparagus you'll ever taste in your lifetime.

  this past tuesday i picked right around 8lbs of strawberries.

i made freezer jam and ice cream for the first time ever and both were divine!  the rest was bagged and frozen.  hopefully i'll get out there again next week before the season ends.

because when the world hands you strawberries
there is too many good things to make...... 

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