back then........i lived in a castle

20 years ago i lived in this castle. 

back then it was called beaver college
 - today its arcadia university.

back then only the senior girls were allowed to put their name into a lottery for the chance to live in the castle
- today any freshman can live there...b/c the seniors prefer the newly built suites on campus

back then this round room of mine in the turret was bustling with activity
- today it is empty b/c students are home for the summer

back then we walked up and down these stairs, plus another set of stairs,
to get to our room on the 3rd floor
- today............well i guess they do the same - an elevator just wouldnt seem right

back then i rarely ventured to the fine arts section of campus
- today i wish i had majored in ANYTHING having to do with fine arts

back then i didn't notice the beauty of these buildings
- today i wish i had time to photograph them more

back then i didn't take the time to look up
- today i couldn't keep my eyes on the ground

back then i was 18 years old and i thought it knew it all
- today i  am 24 years older and realize i don't know anything


  1. How amazing! You are so lucky to have a place like that to keep close to your heart! I think it's just the nature of being young to not appreciate special things. Sometimes I wish I would have gotten my life together better when I was in my twenties but now after reading your post, I realize it was necessary and nothing to be ashamed of. It was what I had to do and I can't take it back. Actually it's a gift because I understand kids at that age so much better.

    xo Kyndale

  2. Oh my - the place IS amazing Lorena!