T is for trees and turkeys

ok - i know trees in autumn are an obvious choice - but i really really love trees. just as a birdwatcher will stop in the middle of a road to watch a red tailed hawk soar across the sky - i have been known to stop dead in my tracks - the breathe suddenly taken from me - as i round a corner and spot a lone perfect tree smack dab in the middle of a field.....or come to a clearing on a trail to find myself surrounded by the most beautiful blanket of red, yellow and orange leaves - stretched before me and on both sides in a seemingly unending quilt of marvelous color.........sigh.....
trees are always beautiful to me - one of my favorite gifts from God - but in autumn.......breathtaking.
every year around this time we get wild turkeys walking around our property. not one or two - or even 5 or 6.............the highest number we've counted was 17...........17 turkeys walking up our driveway and through our backyard - and on to their next adventure. we joke that we see them around this time b/c we are vegetarians and what safer place is there for them to hang out during this season. sometimes they mingle with the deer that live here too........and the groundhog. what a delightful sight that is! we've only seen them once this season so far.......and we always get nervous when we don't see them for awhile.......i think we are going to get some corn for them to entice them to come around more often...and so i can snap a picture of them...now that i have this blog i tend to think in pictures first - words later.........anyone else do this?

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  1. i really like your ode to autumn

    i'm just catching up on some blog reading - now i'm excited to follow you the rest of the way through "autumn" :)

    and thanks for your kind words on my blog today. i like knowing that i'm not the only one who leaves chores for later, too. :)