outside my windshield

some days i feel like i am always in the car

driving here or there

following the same route

over and over again

country roads are hypnotic

most of the time i am driving on auto pilot

aware only enough to notice the squirrel darting out in front of me

or the beginning notes of a favorite song on the radio

main roads surround our country ones

and daily i find myself driving on them too

welcome to suburbia

while driving yesterday i realized that along my usual routes

are points of interest

places i always find myself looking

seeking out the beauty in the mundane

the break in the routine

some of the images aren't necessarily pretty

like this refrigerator in the middle of a yard

this is where i get my eggs

when my mom chicken's aren't producing as much

but i do love driving into this yard

i have no idea who lives here

i just leave money in a can and drive away

or this overpass

its a very dangerous curve

and everytime i go under it

i wonder who wisely wrote SLOW!

and how did they do it?

i look forward to these quick images
the ones i see through my windshield
its comforting to know they are there
waiting to greet me as i pass


  1. Gorgeous images, and gorgeous words to match

  2. so good to slow our minds and really notice what is around us. so good to be present in the "now"