1. Verb - the act of removing someone from your friends list on any social network.

1. a. Verb - the act of removing someone from your category of friends generally, not limited to removing them as your friend on any social network.
Synonym: defriend
tonight i was unfriended by someone who i absolutely loved to hang out with in highschool.  he was someone i was so happy to find again.  he posted something i didn't agree with so i said so....and he respectfully told me he had no choice but to unfriend me.
i've reached a point in my life where i don't take things personally.  i don't take this unfriending personally.  he is in a place in his life where this conviction of his is strong and he felt compelled to take a stand.  i give him credit for that. 
i felt confident enough to disagree regardless of the consequences.  i give myself credit for that.
he says he prays that one day we can become friends again.  tomorrow when i set my daily intention i will be sending love out to him.
isn't it ironic that he unfriends me b/c we are different
....but from what i see we are really quite the same
we finally got some snow
i'm also getting better with my camera

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