:: stop talking to me when i'm on a business call

:: stop ringing and interrupting my family time

:: stop correcting me before i finished saying what i want to say

:: stop harassing me about buying an ad in your publication

......ever have one of those nights? 

my son will now go the mountain house in the winter because he just found out his new best friend has a house in the very same cul-de-sac as we do.

the next step is getting them to actually try skiing. which they said they would try this winter.  but our winter has been crazy warm.  which i actually like  because being cold is not something i enjoy being ........at all                no that's not them in the picture.  those people are snowboarding on the mountain across the lake from where i was standing.  how much do i love that i took this picture as if i was standing right next to them.

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