do yaks like the snow?

apparently, yes they do. 

this yak, however, does not.

unless i am wearing my yak trax....which i LOVE

not because they are neon orange.....which i REALLY love

but because they have saved my sorry ass from hitting the ice

....which we happen to have a lot of right now.

see that picture above? 

it doesn't look like that anymore.  it hasn't look like that in weeks.

picture instead about 12 inches of snow and ice on top of that.

not that cute little flurry you see on the oranges......


what do i love about today?

1 - we got another client.  that makes 4...in 4 weeks.  averaging one a week is awesome!

2 - i found my favorite mug.  which is currently filled with some cold pm tea. because if i want to drink a bunch of it tonight before i go to bed........i want it in my favorite mug

3 - playing with fonts and word placement in tonight's post. 

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