creating a space

earlier today i made a list.  actually i made many lists - what gifts are left to buy, how many gift cards i need, and what crafts i need to make.  my homemade list is not a long one.  nor is it an unrealistic one to accomplish.  at least not now.......

this is what my craft room looked like when i walked into it tonight.  i've been on a huge purging spree lately - getting rid of clothes and clutter and toys.  what goes to the thrift store goes into my car and gets delivered the next day.  what gets stashed for sorting - ends up in here.  every once in awhile i spend a couple HOURS in here purging and tossing and sorting...but hours is what i do not have right now.

so tonight - little by little i started to clear an area...and area large enough that i can get some sewing in.

and finally - after an hour - i can see my workspace. 

and with just 9 days until christmas...its not a moment too soon

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