Changing course

when i first started this blog - my intentions were different. i wanted to change my ways - i wanted to eat better, cook better, parent better. i am constantly striving to be "better"...and while trying to grow as a person isn't a bad thing....its not what i was doing.

what i am doing is looking at my life the wrong way. i have a wonderful life. i have 2 amazing boys, a wonderful husband, a comfortable lifestyle. i am blessed with good health and friendships with some of the wisest women around. so instead of trying to improve what i am doing - i should just see - and i mean REALLY see - the beauty in what i already have. focusing on the positive creates more positives.

so that is my goal with this blog - posting the positives. that isn't to say there won't be negative days - there will be - and those days aren't bad. they are learning experiences that i will cherish....and use as such. they just won't define me.

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